Flowers and Donations

At most funeral services mourners can pay tribute either through a beautiful floral arrangement or a donation to a chosen charity – a decision that is normally made by the family of the deceased.

Flowers from Holland

Flowers From Holland

Our in-house florist, Flowers from Holland, offer a wide range of arrangements and floral tributes. Listed below are some of the options available – but if you want something unique creating we’ll be happy to arrange it for you. For further information visit us at
12 St. Catherines Road, give us a call on 01476 574006 or visit our website

We see a variety of flowers at funerals, as this is a great way for mourners to express the uniqueness of the individual, and pay a personal tribute.

Arrangements range from sprays and sheaves, to words and names such as ‘Mum’, ‘Dad’, ‘John’ etc. We’ve seen some really unique arrangements, like a guitar for a musician and running shoe/trainer for a marathon runner. Arrangements like these can be a wonderful gesture.

Flowers – following the funeral service
If you’d like the flowers to be taken to your home or to a family grave our team will be happy to take them for you.

If you’re unsure what to do with the floral tributes brought to the funeral, we can always arrange for them to benefit others, and take them to a variety of local places such as a hospital, nursing home or hospice.

In recent years, we’ve found that families often ask that floral tributes are restricted just to be from direct family members, and ask that outside of the family a donation is made instead.

Flowers have always been traditional at funerals, but over the past few years we’ve found that lots of families prefer for donations to be made to a chosen charity in memory of their loved one.

Often the charity is close to their heart, perhaps they provided support during a long term illness or fund some much needed research.

Donations are a wonderful way of providing much needed funding to important organisations, and has the great benefit of helping others.

Many of our current funerals have requested donations. You can see a list of these here.

Donations can be made either online or in person at our office. We accept donations both in cash and by cheque – cheques are to be made payable to Robert Holland Donations Account. Once a donation has been made it goes into a fund in memory of the person who has passed away.