Transport to the service

The traditional funeral procession is referred to as the funeral cortège.

The cortége is a popular funeral custom, but we’ve found that many people like to  personalise the journey by choosing the route the procession follows. This could be past a favourite spot or a beloved childhood home. This is something we’d be happy to organise for you.

The journey to and from the funeral service can be quite a reflective part of the funeral, a quiet moment to think about your loved one on the day of their farewell.

When planning transport to and from the funeral service there are some decisions we’ll need you to make (we’ll advise you on the options, and make sure you’re happy with the plans for the day). These decisions are:

Choice of hearse:
We can offer some different choices for the hearse (this transports the coffin). Options include:

  • Traditional motor hearse. Ours is a beautiful Jaguar
  • Horse drawn hearse
  • Motorbike with a side car hearse
  • Landrover hearse (this is popular with the farming community)

Number of limousines
We can provide beautiful Jaguar limousines to transport people to and from the funeral. Our limousines hold 7 passengers, so we will just need you to decide who from your family and friends will require a space in a limousine so we can ensure we provide the right amount of vehicles.

We’ve found that some families like to transport immediate family in the limousine(s), and then wider family and friends can follow the cortège in their own vehicles.

Departing and returning
We’ll need to know where the cortège should depart from and return to – this is often the home of the deceased or the immediate family.

Our team will discuss these options with you as part of the funeral planning . We’re here to help make these decisions easier.


Alternative Vehicles

We can also provide a range of alternative hearses to carry the deceased to and from the funeral service. These include a Fire Engine, a Tractor (particularly popular with the farming community, and for motorcycle enthusiasts a Motorbike & Side Car hearse, or Trike hearse can be arranged. Please ask if you would like further information on any of these hearse options.

If you’d like to discuss these options, you can speak to our team on 01476 594422