What type of funerals are there?

When you need to plan a funeral, there are a few different types that you can consider. We’ve detailed the options below so you have all the information you need. The choice itself is a very personal decision, and we hope this information helps you to decide.

For whatever type of funeral you choose, we’ll make sure that all of the personal touches you want are included. It’s these little details that make the funeral for your loved one as unique as they were.

You might want the funeral cortège to drive past a favourite place of the deceased, or you could ask your guests to all wear a specific colour?

We’ll happily talk through any ideas you have to make sure the funeral service is absolutely fitting to the person you have lost.

The choice of type of funeral can be influenced by factors such as religion or family tradition. We’ve detailed the options available below so you have all the information to consider.





There are a few burial options available to you, but the most popular form of burial is in a cemetery or churchyard. Local regulations and availability will generally influence whether a new or existing grave is available.

It’s useful to know that a burial has fewer restrictions than cremations when considering placing personal items into a coffin. Our team can advise if there are any restrictions in place for the burial you are considering.

New graves: For new grave purchased, the local authorities will sometimes allow you to reserve or purchase grave space next to your loved ones grave. This is useful to consider if you’d like to be buried alongside a partner or family member in the future.

Existing graves: You might already have a grave reserved for the deceased; this could be as part of a family plot. If this is the case, you’ll need to provide us with any documentation you have, including the deeds for the grave. If you’re not sure where your documents are we can help you locate them, along with checking the grave itself.

There are alternatives available to a churchyard/cemetery burial, such as:

  • • Woodland Burials (see below)
  • • Burial in a vault
  • • Burial on private land

We’re happy to discuss all the options available to you.



Woodland Burials


As an alternative to a traditional burial in a cemetery, some people prefer to choose a Woodland Burial. Not only are Woodland Burials environmentally friendly, but with a range of beautiful woodland locations throughout the country, they provide a nice setting for family members to visit and remember their loved one.





For a cremation, you have a choice between a full service or a shorter committal service at the crematorium. For the shorter committal, you can hold a service at a church or another location before the committal at the crematoriam.

The end of a cremation service is generally called the committal. Dependant on the crematorium, there may be curtains that close around the coffin, or the coffin might move slowly out of sight.

If you’re thinking about placing personal items in your loved ones coffin, there can be restrictions in place on metal objects and other items. Just let us know what you’d like to include and we’ll advise if any items are restricted.

If you’d like to talk through funeral options, feel free to call our team on 01476 594422.