After the funeral

After the funeral service, it is custom to hold a wake or reception. It’s completely up to you whether this reception should be open for everyone, or if you would like to restrict it to be close friends and family.

As long as you decide which you would prefer, we can ensure this is communicated both on our website and in the order of service on the day.

The reception provides an opportunity for those attending the funeral to celebrate and remember the life of the person who has died, and this is generally the more relaxed element of a funeral.

Along with announcing where the reception will be held, our website will also provide directions from the funeral service to the reception, so if anyone asks this information is easily accessible for anyone with a smart phone. Alternatively, we will happily direct people on the day if they are unsure of the area.


What do I need to consider when planning the reception?


How many people?

You need to consider this to make sure you’ll have enough food and that the venue will be big enough.



Where should we hold it?

At our premises we have a catering suite, The Shelbourn Room, which we offer to our customers for use following the service, this is a private area, where we provide catering, hot drinks and if desired we can supply a licenced bar.

If you prefer to choose a different venue, you might consider your home, a church hall, a hotel or sports/social club close to where the funeral has taken place.

More alternative and contemporary venue options include pubs, a coffee shop, a restaurant or a sports stadium.



What are my catering options?

Deciding what type of food you want to serve is important, you could consider the following options:

You generally pay a fee per person, so you will need to have a rough idea of how many people will attend the reception, or decide how many people you are able to cater for. We will be able to advise on costs.



Do I need to provide entertainment?

In recent years, the reception has started to become a much more vibrant celebration of the deceased’s life, and therefore some people do like to provide entertainment e.g.

  • • Music – CD of favourite music
  • • Slide shows or PowerPoint presentation showing photographs
  • • Photo board

We have a great relationship with the venues in and around Grantham and will happily provide information and suggestions to help you decide the right venue.

Our team are here to help with whatever you need on 01476 594422.