Receptions/Wakes after the funeral

Once the funeral service and graveside goodbyes (for burials) have taken place, it’s the time to come together to say a final goodbye.

The gathering after the funeral service (generally referred to as a wake or reception) is a wonderful opportunity for the attended of the funeral to share memories of the person who has passed away, and celebrate their life.

This normally takes place at either the home of the family, or a chosen venue.

The family of the deceased will decide whether the reception/wake will be private or open for everyone, and this will be shown both on the order of service and on our website.

For all of the funerals we plan we create a page on our website which includes all the details about the services and reception/wake. These pages also list whether the wake will be private or open for everyone, and where it will be held. You can see a list of all current funerals here.

If you have any questions about attending one of the funerals we’re planning, you can call our team on 01476 594422.