The Premium Funeral


This option includes the following:

  •  The supply of a solid oak or mahogany coffin, complete with a double raised lid, panelled sides, solid brass furniture and a superior gown and lining set.
  • Removing the deceased to the Funeral Director’s premises, at any time of day or night, from anywhere in the local area.
  • Giving guidance to relatives or executors on the registration of the death and other matters relevant to the funeral.
  • Taking care of the deceased until the funeral.
  • Providing facilities for viewing by the family at the Funeral Director’s premises, including preparation and dressing in a suitable gown or own clothes if provided by the family.
  • Making all the arrangements for the funeral and providing the Funeral Director, drivers and bearers for the funeral service.
  • Supply of a hearse and two limousines – the cortége can leave from a local address, proceed to a local place of worship if required, then on to the local crematorium or place of burial.
  • Receiving flowers for the funeral, or charitable donations in lieu of flowers, and providing a list of donors to relatives or executors.
  • A contribution of £1,325 towards third party costs such as cremation fees, doctor’s fees for cremation certificates, fees for a minister of officiant. These are known as ‘disbursements’.
  • Our plans include a management fee of £175. This covers the cost of setting up the plan.

Please note disbursements are payments made on your behalf to allow the funeral to take place. For example church/minister fees, crematorium/cemetery fees and doctors fees if the funeral is a cremation.

If you’d like to talk through funeral options, feel free to call our team on 01476 594422.