The Standard Plan


The Standard plan is our most popular choice and includes the following:

  • Removing the body to the Funeral Director’s premises, at any time of day or night, from anywhere in the local area.
  • Giving guidance to relatives or executors on the registration of the death and other matters relevant to the funeral.
  • Taking care of the deceased until the funeral.
  • Providing facilities for viewing by the family at the Funeral Director’s premises, including preparation and dressing in a suitable gown or own clothes if provided by the family.
  • The supply of a coffin with wood effect finish and simulated brass handles, engraved nameplate and interior lining.
  • Making all the arrangements for the funeral and providing the Funeral Director, drivers and bearers for the funeral service.
  • Supply of a hearse and one limousine the cortegé can leave from a local address, proceed to a local place of worship if required, then on to the local crematorium or place of burial.
  • Receiving flowers for the funeral, or charitable donations in lieu of flowers, and providing a list of donors to relatives or executors.
  • A contribution of £1,325 towards third party costs such as cremation fees, doctor’s fees for cremation certificates, fees for a minister of officiant. These are known as ‘disbursements’.
  • Our plans include a management fee of £175. This covers the cost of setting up the plan.

If you have any questions about our funeral plans, or if you’d like to discuss the options available, you can call our team on 01476 594422 or send us a message via our online enquiry form.